For the first time Africa and Latin America come together in perfect symbiosis.

Aguayo, a traditional Bolivian textile lands in West African soil, an ocean apart from its native Bolivia, where women use it to carry their babies and goods on their backs on a daily basis. This textile has changed and evolved through time. Today, it represents the heritage of the Andean, who were monumental for textile weaving. Significant ancient Andean cultures such as Tiwanaku, Chavin, Moche, Nazca, etc. lacked written languages, and used textiles as their primary means of transmitting images, ideas and status.


KEARA creates an atypical product that brightens African craftsmanship, specifically Senegalese artisans, and showcases Andean weaving traditions. This unprecedented mixture is genuine and rare. These photos are an attempt to represent what KEARA is in images.Stunning Senegalese women are wearing Aguayo as head wraps, dresses or cover-ups,carrying KEARA bags in a very unusual and wild context: Lake Retba (or pink lake), located one hour from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. This lake is separated by some narrow dunes from the Atlantic Ocean, the same ocean that separates West Africa from South America. This time they both come together as one.


These images are an artistic expression of what the brand represents and stands for: a connected world and an unusual blend of cultures.

”We stand for ethical work and wages, our production processes are transparent. We are working to establish a training center that will offer skills-based training to young artisans throughout our experienced artisans.”



These gorgeous women are dressed in Aguayo: a traditional Bolivian fabric carrying centuries of Andean textile tradition, or as we call it – Andean Art -, which we use to detail our bags & accessories.


Photo: @bilalmoussaphotography

Bilal Moussa Photography


Models: @imgrace.pj (left) & @janiendione (right)

Grace de Navarro & Janie Ndione


Make up artist: @chic_et_simple_make_up

Bintou Boukry / Chic and simple make up


Artistic director: @bibi

Bineta Shift Westwick Mbengue