In a World of reducing visually stimulating pictures,we are very selective of the art we curate and this editorial piece is definitely worth the wait.

It is titled ‘‘A World Without Adam” by the prolific photographer LOSGIDDY from Lagos,Nigeria.

This time losgiddy explores the use of a floral theme to express the idea of femininity and nature being one and the same thing in his new editorial piece for artistic vigilante magazine.


”For this visual piece, i wanted to explore the idea of a lady not just being at one with nature but being an integral part of nature.”


It took months of planning with the logistics team (@losgiddy_logistics) but we eventually got the vision together… This was meant to be an outdoor work and then of all the days for rain to pick.. It chose this day. Seemed like bad luck but

Little did we know God wanted to use it as an opportunity to make us extra creative and build our own grass set indoors… Well..Here’s the final result.


You might notice its supposedly a world without Adam but at some point we introduced an extra model to create diversity and eliminate a monotonous feel. It means that on a higher level Eve does need an Adam but its still a monotonous feel because its just two similar beings which further depicts that….There is NO WORLD without Adam, just as God intended it.”


This shoot couldn’t have been possible without my amazing team and their trust for the vision.. Hair by the amazing – @Hairbyriches

Makeup by the super talented – @Mercywhizz

Model – @glamglamafriquemodels(@tabitha_murna)

Logistics – @torie_nike

Lighting – @_nice.chocolatefudge

Photographer – @losgiddy