I, Jiamin Zhu had a pleasure working with Thunyartorn, a Thai Dress designer from NYC in the October of 2017 and shot three of her wardrobes representing The Ox, The Rooster, and The Silver Goddess from Thai culture.

We did the shoot in a chilly Seattle afternoon, and we had to shoot quickly as the wardrobes were very elaborate and large, but not very warm, and we had three models while shooting outdoor. I picked different locations in the Washington Arboretum due to proximity that would best fit the wardrobes and the characters we were presenting.


When the shoot was done I spent extensive time editing the final six images as I wanted each one to tell a story about the character. I named the whole set “Trinity”, and the characters “The Dreamer”, “The Guardian”, and “The Phoenix”, respectively. I mixed in a gradient of dark tones, warm tones, and neutral tones for each character to best supplement the colors of the wardrobe. In addition, because some of the images were edited during winter, I added in some winter color tones and snow effects to best reflect my editing mood at the time of the season. At the end, I want this set to invoke fantasy and take the viewers to a dream land of magical creatures portrayed by these models.

Model: @tiffanysarn @shojo_sagebell @lorenaseattle
Wardrobe Designer / Hair / Makeup: @thunyatorn_thaidress
Stylist: @mariya_waugh
Photography: @jajasgarden

Jiamin Zhu is a Seattle based photographer capturing portraiture, fine art, and everything naturally beautiful in the Northwest.