Lucia Panzavolta was born in Italy in 1999.
She is a student and she spends her time between her two main passions: writing and taking photographs. She also love travellind and she links the wish to discover the world with her passions through Instagram and shootings.
She is the author of the book “Out of my limits”.

I decided to do this shooting because I had an idea to transmit, and this idea is described in the title “La résignation est un suicide quotidian”, an Honoré de Balzac’s quotation that affected me so much.

Me and Elisa, a wonderful model and dancer, have worked together a lot of times and we have a sort of feeling: immediately she always understand what I want to represent and I think this is our best work.

Resignation is a bad feeling that everyone feels at least one in his life, is a feeling that destroys you and devours you. You feel like you are killed from inside.






In fact its defined as a “suicide” which becomes daily when you chose to let yourself be overwhelmed.
The feeling that is connected but also opposed to resignation is the rebirth, the renaissance of the Spring.
From this come’s the second selection of photographs “Rêve de printemps”. 

A new reality is represented, a reality which is dreamy and fancy. Spring brings flowers, colours, light and happiness. The girl, like Spring, has been reborn.