Artistic vigilante – Kindly tell us where you are from and how did you get started with photography?

Beata Polanska – I come from a picturesque town in the south of Poland but I am a Traveler, I still look for new places and faces to take photos in order to be able to fully realize my ideas and projects. I often move, I came from Poznań, where I lived for a year and a half to Krakow, where I live for just two weeks and I hope to live a little bit more, I do not like sitting in one place, because then I feel like a butterfly tightly closed in a jar. Photography, well it’s my great passion. Not the only one, because I am passionate about many things, so one day for me it is far too little to be able to realize all this Photography I would call my work photo-painting, occupies a special place in my life, because in this field I include painting, which I love so much, theatre, opera music, designing and creating styles, parapsychology and of course the very processing of photos. I used to draw and paint a lot of pictures and I decided to find a way to combine all these interests. I was inspired to express all these forms, colors, emotions and everything I like to do through artistic photography. I followed that thought and I did what I did.I took pictures of it.

Artistic Vigilante –  Your technique of portraits has what appears to look like Dolls in them, can you explain what this form of portraiture is and your inspiration?

Beata Polanska – Yes! The doll appears very often in my work. I also gave her the name of Celtic origin – Isleen. I’ve always been fascinated by the art of Japanese artists. Japanese puppet theatre Bunraku, beautiful kimona and old Russian costumes and headgear. The doll has made all this wealth of epochs of different countries surround me. it helps me to move into distant trends of art, at the same time it is my Model to realize painting and styling visions. Styling and preparing a doll for a photo sessions is a great pleasure for me. There are emotions, feelings in her. . . I revive her. . . I experiment artistically. I rest from people in this way. I close myself off in my own world of creation.

Artistic Vigilante – What are your preferred choices of equipment and can you explain how you set up for portrait works?

Beata polanska – When it comes to photographic equipment, I appreciate Canon very much. My first body was bought from this company and others as well, but these are only my individual feelings and preferences. In most of my projects I work outdoors, because I love nature and charming places, so I care to limit to the maximum the amount and weight of equipment that I take with me. Most often I limit myself to taking away not only the camera and lenses, but also the blend. . . I do not use artificial light or lamps to create nature,any imperfections, skin retouching, color saturation, I correct in Photoshop, trying to show in the natural way is most important in my pictures.

Artistic Vigilante – Are you a fulltime photographer and, how do you charge clients?

Beata Polanska – I am not a full-time photographer, I work in a completely different industry, but photography is my great passion, almost my whole life, so I hope quietly that soon I will be able to realize my professional plans only in this direction.

Artistic Vigilante – What are the things you are putting in place to make you stand out from all the other photographers in your country?

Beata Polanska –  The most important thing is to be oneself and here in my imaginary world I am, everything that inspires and intrigues me to create, that is painting, music, creating styles and many is in me and with me no matter where I am. I think that every one is unique in their own way and has some outstanding qualities, but they are not always able to see or express them, but I have my own vision of it and I try to show it in my works, alternately, the Doll with a Living Model, the whole specificity and creation of this doll, reviving it,creating and at the same time showing my some what surreal world, where so much is happening. There is expression, the ethereal character, the motif of time, magic, beauty and ugliness.I close my works with a soul that sees and feels clearly. Everything here has its deeply hidden meaning, which in turn forces the viewer to reflect.

Artistic Vigilante – What do you use for your editing process and how long does editing a picture usually take you?

Beata Polanski – First of all, this photo should be taken in accordance with my vision, the more refined and consistent the photo is with what I’m going to set out before, the later the processing of this photo takes me less time. Generally, the whole processing of my works is done in Photoshop, only selected textures or brushes are added. When it comes to the time I spend just for one photo, it can be really different, but most often from 4 to 9 hours, sometimes it happens longer. Here, as I used to do in painting, I work on the creation, and then I leave for a day or two and comeback with a fresh look, check the details, possibly correct what I do not like, then publish. Each picture is unique for me, because I put all my heart and all my sensitivity into it.

Artistic Vigilante – What would you say in your own thinking is the future for art and photography as a whole?

Beata Polanski – Both in art and in photography, which is also art in itself, I can highlight the fact that photography is becoming more diverse, functional and therapeutic. In this world there is a place for everyone who wants to express or communicate something important to the world.The creators over take each other in their projects, the way they are implemented, their concepts.Here, the technical industry is very supportive of today’s artist. I personally enjoy this variety of forms and colours of self-expression, you can see that thanks to it neither man nor art remain in the same place. As many ideas as people in the world, so who knows where it will take us.