Artistic Vigilante recently discovered Edyta and her works through social media and reached out to fully immerse ourselves in the world of this young vibrant artist..

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE –  You mentioned you were from Poland, why did you move to the UK?

Edyta – I moved to England beavuse my parents were already here and I just started missing them. I wanted to stay longer in Poland as I was in college but after a year I decided to move as I couldn’t see myself there alone.


ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What are the challenges you face as a female photographer in the UK?

Edyta – The challenges I face as a female photographer is that some people don’t take me seriously because I’m a woman. I don’t know if they think that a woman photographer can’t be successful or something else but sometimes its sad when they reject you because of that.


ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Can you please explain the sun flower theme shoot and its inspiration and also the water one?

Edyta –  The sun flower shoot was a completely random idea. My makeup artist Catalina who I worked with on that project was about to go back to her country and I loved working with her so I had to find some amazing idea so we can do the last project together. I looked through the pinterest and had just seen similar photo of the girl with the sunflowers and I fall in love with it straight away Catalina loved it too.

The water one was something I always wanted to do. I love water photoshoots as you can get very creative with it. I never know how you can do the colorful water and stuff like that but this Is very easy. I worked with lovely team on that shoot. I would like to definitely do more water stuff as I really enjoyed it.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Can you tell us a bit about your preferred gear and the technicalities involved in taking a portrait the way you do? Also explain your light setups.

Edyta –  I’m working on my one and only Canon Eos 7D. I got it for about few years now and I love working with Canons. For portraits I’m using my 80mm lens which is perfect for closeups as it catches every detail and the photos are very sharp and nice. About my lighting I’m only working with one light as I found it very useful than more lights. I’m using octabox and beauty dish depending if I’m going to work on portraits or more fashion style.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Does it pay to be a fashion photographer in the UK? How much do does it cost to have Edyta shooting a fashion project?

Edyta – To be honest I spend more money on my fashion side than I actually earn, which is not very good. I think if you don’t have a good project with some serious company then you won’t make much money or maybe that’s just me haha. My prices are low compared to the people I know so maybe that’s the issue.


ARTISTIC VIGILANTE –  What are you doing and what measures are in place for your works to be discovered and for your brand to have a greater reach?

Edyta – I’m very active on my social media, on Facebook and Instagram. I’m always trying to put something there so people can see me that I’m not just chilling but actually hard working. I also have so many good magazines publications. This year was very good for me so I’m looking forward for the 2019.

ARTISITIC VIGILANTE – Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with us