ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What inspired you to start photographing yourself as a subject?

KRISTEN – I’ve always liked photography, and the moment I started was a very difficult picture for me. I love painting, but I’ve never been very good at it and I wanted to create images that I used to have in my mind, dreams and create stories, but it was difficult to find people that helped me create and understand my ideas and what I wanted to achieve , and the times were complicated to accommodate them. Then from there arises to be present in my photos that I am the only one that is available.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How long have you been photographing and how did you get started in photography?

kristen – Taking pictures common to schoolmates, for fun and in my beginning of artistic photography was more than 3 years ago, taking pictures with my cell phone and editing an application called PicsArt, I did not have a professional camera and that made some of my works I lost my quality, a year and a half ago I have my camera and my photos are still there, because I want people to see that you never need to have the best team to create and that imagination and dedication is what matters to continue creating.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE Your works are very beautiful and seem to have a strong message, what are your inspirations?

KRISTEN – My greatest strength of inspiration are personal experiences, and within everything comes music, movies, books, places, etc.

I try to arrive at the time, I never like to create just to create.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is it like being a photographer in your country and what are the challenges you face?

KRISTEN – It is strange for some people to see this dark side in the photograph and not to see smiles and bright colors in the photos, people are used to looking at the photograph as a capture of something beautiful that happens instantly, but, my photography is very different, different in the aspect of being ‘CREATED’, an emotion, a feeling, a dream is created, and not always it is usually very pleasant.

My biggest challenge is the challenge that I always pose when creating something new and that is different from the previous thing, from the emotion to express and to be able to create a different character being that I am always me.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How have you been able to gather your audience and clientele base

KRISTEN – Over time in social networks and perseverance.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Can you explain to us your editing process and give a step by step of how you edit?

KRISTEN – It’s a very good question, I’m sorry to have a very bad response.

When I edit I do not have an editing process, it always depends on each photo and idea and from there I start my editing process.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Where can you be contacted for bookings and inquires?

KRISTEN – in my Instagram @artkristenk

Or Gmail