Artistic vigilante Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing fantasy and fine art photographer Ekaterina Sigat. Enjoy the interview and her breath taking images.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for?

Ekaterina – My name is Ekaterina Sigat and I am a photographer from Russia. I live in Yekaterinburg. I have been engaged in photography for about two years. The last year of my work I spend shooting in one genre – staged fairy-tale shooting (art photo shoot). The first year of my work, I tried myself in different genres of photography, from family photo shoot to landscape photography. I was looking for a genre of shooting that would inspire me to work and reveal my fantasies. I do not regret that I chose a difficult genre for my work, because the process of creating one such photo shoot is a very interesting process, starting from the preparation of the image and ending with the work in Photoshop.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is it like being a female photographer in Russia?

Ekaterina – Now in Russia there are many great women photographers. I believe that the main advantage of a female photographer is that only a woman can convey feelings and capture the emotions of a female model. Although I know the wonderful work of photographers, men. Being a female photographer is great. I mostly only photograph girls and women. My main mission is to capture the model in an unusual way. Why? Because everyone has everyday pictures. I would like to do out of the ordinary girls and women the heroes of fairy tales, princesses, and aristocratic women. It is at these moments that I begin to feel happy, because I give magic and turn people into those who they are not in life.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What are the advantages of being the Russian landscape and scenery to you as a photographer?

Ekaterina – I love the landscapes of Russia: dense forests, fields, ponds. The nature of Russia is beautiful and is a great inspiration for photography, especially for photo shoots in the style of “Russian fairy tales”. I love to take pictures in autumn and winter. At these times of the year, nature becomes truly magical and you want to create with it. I take pictures only in nature. I don’t like taking pictures in photo studios and rooms. It is boring. If you look at my work, they are all made in nature. As a rule, for each idea of shooting, I select the location to have a General idea of the image. Not only should the model stand out, but also the location. Interesting locations surround us everywhere; you just look around and see it!

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How did you get into photography and are you a full time photographer? If not what are your other professions?

Ekaterina – I got into the photo by accident. I got a camera for my birthday. At first, I took pictures of everything that surrounded me, but it was a very simple picture without the effect of “wow”. I wanted to see not just a picture, but something more and I began to study everything related to photography. Over time, I realized that photography, as a hobby, I really like. Now my main activity is photography. I work as a photographer. I have a free schedule. In a week, I go to the shooting 2-3 times, the rest of the time I work at home – retouch photos, or create images for my next shoot.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What inspires you to shoot the kind of images you shoot?

Ekaterina – For myself, I have identified the following basic mechanisms for inspiration and search for ideas: cinema (the study of light and color, composition, emotions, images and idea), books (the main advantage – we can imagine the image in the head), music (mainly for my images relevant Russian folk music and music of famous classics), the work of other photographers, fine arts (the study of paintings by artists), nature and travel, dress, decoration or props. All this inspires me to be creative. 

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How much do you make from photography and what does it cost to shoot with you?

Ekaterina – So far, I am only at the beginning of his career, but I make more money that enough to live on. Often I spend shooting on TFP conditions. In addition, I hold a Commercial shoot. Prices for them are not fixed and vary from the image that the customer wants.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Are you looking to be known on a global level or is Russia fine for you and what are the things you are ptting in place to make sure your works are seen and recognized on a larger platform?

Ekaterina – Definitely yes. I would like to become a famous photographer not only in Russia, but also in other countries. To become a famous photographer I started to travel around Russia, photographed in several major cities. I also plan to create my own website, which will contain all the information about my works and me. I dream that I was invited to hold a master class in photography or invited to shoot in another country. I also plan to publish my works in Internet and magazines.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What are the things you will tell anyone who wants to go into photography and be like you?

Ekaterina – The most important thing is to practice a lot in photography. I advise you to constantly take pictures at 4-5 times a month. Need to read literature on photography. I also recommend to studying the work of other photographers, view video materials on photos and photo retouching.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Where can models and people who want to work with you reach you on?

Ekaterina – Models and all interested people can contact me by writing to me in Instagram – ekaterinavl6_artfoto (Ekaterina Sigat in search), or you can write to me by e-mail . Soon I plan to create my personal website.