Artistic Vigilante met up with beautifully tatted up professional model jennifer starkz for a quick interview. Here is a small peak into her world

Artistic Vigilante – What is your full name and how long have you been Modelling for?

Jennifer – My name is Jennifer Starkz. I have been modeling for 8 years.

Artistic Vigilante – Give us a little story about your background in general.

Jennifer – I am mother of 3 wonderful boys. I’ve been doing hair for 19 years which is my profession Aside from both of those my hobby is photography. I simultaneously do all 3. Love staying busy and focused on my work and family. I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Elizabeth N.J.

Artistic Vigilante – Do you have a particular genre of modelling/photography that you are tilted towards?

Jennifer – I started off doing alternative shoots. Mostly because i wanted to find what fits me best. I tried street, beauty, sexy, lingerie, car shoots and editorial. And what intrigues me the most is Editorial. I love high fashion shoots. The poses, the clothes, the hair, the looks. I love the style and confidence you must bring to get amazing shots.

Artistic Vigilante – What are the positive sides to being a model in New Jersey?

Jennifer – The positive is being yourself. The freedom to pose how you want to, express your facial expressions how you want. The confidence it brings to your self esteem. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Artistic Vigilante – Are you a full time model or you have a job asides modelling? how do you find the time to model?

Jennifer –I would say a part time model. I have a full time job. My profession is “Braider” been doing hair for 19 years. I squeeze in time for modeling as much as i can. I over work myself because this is what I love to do. There should never be excuses when you have goals your trying to met. I always find the time no matter how tired I am.

Artistic Vigilante – You seem to be on a steady rise in the modelling business, what would you attribute your growth and success to? as a mother of three it must be very hard to combine motherhood, work and modelling. What is the trick? How do you do it?

Jennifer – Its immensely hard. Aside from modeling, working at the barbershop, doing photography as a hobby i also do Background acting. I’ve been in television shows, movies, video shoots, etc. All 3 of my kids also do background acting. I find the time because i don’t sit here wishing i could do things, i don’t ask for handouts, I’m not lazy,and I love being busy. I stress myself out and i get over worked i get tired but i never stop. I rather stress about being so busy than be depressed sitting at home doing nothing. I feel very blessed that i have the drive that i do. I am an example of a mother of 3 that can do all of that and still do my motherly duties at home, still have my children in sports, still have a fun life, take care of a household on my own, and do anything else in life i want to do.

There is always time. I share the same 24 hours that any human being in this world have. You just have to want it real bad and talk less and do more.

Artistic Vigilante – On a lighter note tell us about the tattoos and the story behind them and how they affect your modelling.

jennifer – My tattoos are my art. I am a big cosmic lover. I love it so much i named my 3rd son Nova & my dog Comet. Ever since I was younger I wanted to be an Astronaut. I dreamed of going to outer space. And because of that I decided to do both my arms galaxy theme. And from the waist down i have an underwater theme. I got my 1st tattoo at the age of 16 and have not stopped. My tattoos tell stories about me. They describe me. My tattoos in a sense affect my modeling because certain projects that are paid require you to have no tattoos. As well as commercial or certain TV shows or movies. But there’s a place for everyone in the entertainment world. And i’m getting there slowly but surely.

Artistic Vigilante – What are you doing to make sure you get exposure and remain on the steady rise in this industry?

Jennifer – I am constantly promoting myself. Always networking, meeting new photographers, models, directors, actors and actresses. I always ask tons of questions. I’m always on the internet looking for gigs or reading articles and how to better myself in anything that I do. Social media is a big part of it but not all of it. You have to do the actual work, Always willing to learn always staying humble. That is key no matter how much you rise and become successful. you always stay humble.

Artistic vigilante – Thank you so much for taking out the time to share with us. we do hope that you achieve all that you set out to and that you reach out to us whenever you have new projects so we can follow up on your growth as an artist.

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