ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Hanna we’ll get right to it, you’re an amazing photographer with eyes for details like none we have ever seen in a while, would you say it was always a skill or one you honed over the years?

WIMMER -Hard to say, I always had a sense for colors and shapes and I suppose I apply it to photography in the same way. In the meantime, I also educated myself about using colors, composition and other stuff related to photography so that I finally realized why I did some things naturally before and I apply my gift in more conscious way now. One always learns something new and gradually incorporates it into photography; this is an inevitable progress.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Just how long have you been shooting professionally and what is your preferred gear for shooing?

WIMMER Currently, I do not feel like a professional photographer but rather a semi-professional one. I bought my first SLR camera many years ago as a teenager taking mostly sightseeing images. After the era of digital cameras started, I ended up just taking random snapshots with a cheap compact camera. Two years ago, shortly before my daughter was born, I bought a new SLR camera again, this time a digital one, and started taking photography more seriously. After about half a year later, I realized that I wanted to shoot portraits and I began to tend to non-civil subjects in particular. Therefore, I only take portraits on a more serious level for about a year and a half.

I still use my first digital SLR camera; it is Canon EOS 77D with two f1.4 Sigma Art lenses (35 and 50 mm). Two Canon flashes (430 III RT) and several light modifiers. This is not much, I would like to upgrade but I think it still may take some time. I would like to upgrade to mirrorless camera, get f1.2 lenses and buy more flashes.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – We really love the costuming of most of your photo shoots,so well planned and executed, we did a little research and found out you make headgear’s, is this a totally independent business or you make headgear’s for your photography? Also can you talk a bit more about your costume selection process?

WIMMER Costuming is an area I am currently struggling with, while looking out for other collaborations with external subjects on rentals etc. I have some basic costumes of my own and try to complement them from cheap sources (flea markets, charity shops). I often look for models who can provide their own suitable clothes for my projects. I have a couple of my own dancing costumes including props which can also be partially used for photography. Sometimes, it is necessary to invest in more expensive clothes, but I currently have only about two costumes like this.

Regarding the headgears, I sometimes create headpieces which are made purely for photography reasons. I currently collaborate with two amazing ladies for about a year, one is from Sweden and the other from UK. They currently provide me with amazing headdresses and crowns so that I use primarily this source. I also create small forehead jewellery under my brand Third EYE Bindis, mostly for tribal dancers (which is also my hobby), but they can also be very well used for fantasy shoots and I have used them for this reason few times as well.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – A lot of fantasy and cosplay works to be seen from you, can you explain why this is and possibly mention your sources of inspiration?

WIMMER I always look for something interesting and fantasy and other non-civil topics are just the answer to this.

Inspiration is everywhere around. Sometimes it starts from costume when I need to find a model and a location, sometimes it starts from a specific headdress which I need to create a character for. Sometimes it is a character and feeling which are at the beginning… Cosplays are easy, they are ready-to-made by cosplayers and you need to find a scene to place them in, lighting etc. And, of course, I follow many photographers on social media, which bring me new ideas as well.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Do you think you’ll ever dive into nudity at some point in your career?

WIMMER It has already happened. I have not published anything, yet, but it is on the way.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Talk us through a little bit on your editing workflow.

WIMMER Looking for cheaper but still quality replacement for Photoshop which now has a rental payment scheme, I have found and incredible software called Affinity Photo. I was using Photoshop many years ago and transition to AP was very easy and it has professional functions as well so that I use this program and I am very satisfied.

My workflow is very easy. I develop an image and first I make some shape alterations if needed. Then, I am working on an overall image editing including skin retouching, removing unwanted objects or altering what necessary. Dodging and burning and other light related operations follow. Then I do basic color shading to an image (not using presets!) and in the last stage I add other color and light sources usually working with overlays to get the image the final emotion. I always finish with sharpening and export.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – As a young photographer what are the tools and things you are doing to get discovered and stand out in the already saturated space of fantasy and fine art photography?

WIMMER I would like to develop my own style avoiding falling into a trap of modern editing clichés. For example, I see much over-retouched skin editing, or I do not like complete changing nature colors to blues, magentas, oranges… What is wrong about green? Or shading everything to blue – brown (orange) mapping.

So, staying true to oneself is the first point. And, then some marketing activities, social media, magazines, competitions, etc… This is really difficult question. One does not only have to became an amazing artist, but also has to become an amazing salesman at the same time.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your advice for people who admire your work and want to do what you are doing?

WIMMER – Please, do not do what I am doing. You should do what you feel you should be doing. It is as simple as that.

You can see more of Hanna’s work here