ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – We speak to mega social influencer, Herbert Rafael Sim, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, digital illustrator and writer.

Some might even know him as ‘The Bitcoin Man’. His social media accounts are verified ‘blue tick’ across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers, and we are most honored with an exclusive interview with him.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Herbert, please share with us how many years have you been in art and what are your sources of inspiration?

HERBERT – I have always enjoyed doodling, sketching as a young boy. It was only my 1st year in tertiary education that I managed to afford my first digital illustration pen tablet – Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, co-sponsored by my parents and working part-time as a sales promoter. Of course now, I’ve upgraded and am using the latest version of Wacom. I highly recommend other artists starting out to explore getting one too. *PS – I am not sponsored by them for saying this.*

“Adam & Eve: The Fall of Man” by Herbert R. Sim, 2015.

I am introverted by nature, and enjoyed being alone in my room, drawing away on my tablet, or reading books typically in the fantasy genre, or penning down my thoughts and opinions, industry agnostic.

“The Israelites; The Golden Calf; Moses Breaks Ten Commandments Law Tablets” by Herbert R. Sim, 2015.

I would spend time scouring the internet researching on writing my tetralogy fantasy book series entitled the Twelve Tribes, and browsing DeviantArt where thousands of talented artists showcase their fantasy art for inspiration.

“The Last Supper” by Herbert R. Sim, 2009.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – You seem to do a lot of illustration on Bible and Bitcoin is there any reason why you are drawn to this genre?

HERBERT – I am protestant Christian, and draw Bible stories because of my believe and background – going to Sunday school as a little boy.

During my bachelor studies in Liberal Arts in Oklahoma City University, USA, while doing personal self-research, I came across an ideology about decentralization, about a group of activists who called themselves Cypherpunks, and it was from there that I found out about Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, published live on October 31, 2008.

“David & Goliath: Slaying The Giant” by Herbert R. Sim, 2011.

Truly inspired by these activist group, and the ideology of decentralization, in my opinion about the fight to make knowledge and education available and free for all, I founded Crypto Chain University in 2010, to compile research papers in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, and making it open-source.

It was only in June 2016, that I founded my persona –, with the vision of championing and taking Bitcoin and Blockchain mainstream.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – You are working on so many things at the same time, how do you balance your hobby life with your career and family life altogether?

HERBERT – Art illustration and Writing has always been my hobby all throughout my life, so juggling it with my daily life is almost routine.

“The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” by Herbert R. Sim, 2012.

For me, it is a usual 9am to 6pm type of office job, after which I head home and start working away on my hobby (Drawing & Writing) and also my startup – WardrobeTrendsFashion – High Fashion & luxury online magazine; and of course simultaneously spending time with family.

It is all about #MultiTasking, and more importantly, everything come from God. I give Him all praise and thanks. 1 Chronicles 29:12-13.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Kindly explain to us your art process.

HERBERT – Most of my art with regards to Bitcoin or Blockchain are to accompany the monthly blog article on my website. The topic I write about is inspired by the latest trend that I foresee or am reading about in the news from top online crypto news websites such as – CoinDesk, or CoinTelegraph, or Bitcoin Magazine.

“Jonah and the Big Fish: MEGALODON” by Herbert R. Sim, 2010.

I also draw portraits of famous individuals that inspire me, I take inspiration from portrait life-photographs of them, and I would usually add a ‘Mona-Lisa’ slight smile to it.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Please share with us your 5-year future plans.

HERBERT – I am ambitiously working towards trying to possibly write finish my fantasy tetralogy series entitled ‘The Twelve Tribes’, however along the way I get distracted with my main career and businesses. It is hard to say for now when it will finally be launched, but what I can say is it is rigorous Work-In-Progress at the moment.

“How King Solomon’s Parents Met: King David and Bathsheba” by Herbert R. Sim, 2016.

Thank you for sitting with artistic vigilante magazine.