Artistic Vigilante Magazine would like to introduce you to Andy callagan from the West Midlands in the Uk.

Inspired by Film and Drama which he likes to reenact and put a spin on

Andy Callagan is a semi-professional photographer looking to eventually turn full time.

He has been taking pictures for 20+ years but only recently really decided that this is what he wants to do full time.

Andy is currently starting to create more art nude based type shoots in the genre of classic monochrome.


This particular set was shot to show the female form in all its beauty & set in an angelic heavenly set so that it looks very artistic,none provocative & edited softly to portray this.


He calls this set “veni vedi cepi”

Andy is definitely a photographer to look out for and we would clearly be keeping an eye on him.

you can see more of Andy’s work here

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