Madison Biollo is an aspiring photographer honing her skills as she works towards completing her grade 12 studies before embarking on a world of post-secondary studies, travel, and four-legged friendships.

The concept came together out of necessity.  Jacqueline is an experienced actress and full-figured model who had been hired to appear in costume as a fictional superhero. The challenge remains for full-figured women to find clothing that not only fits but is inspiring, complementing their assets and reinforcing a spirit of professionalism or prowess in their attire.

The location complemented our desire to create an open and playful background – where a cat might hone her agility skills or take her prey to play catch and release. It was an abandoned farm just outside Beaumont, Alberta, Canada.  The day was hot and sticky which made it especially challenging to capture the look of the model, in physical engagement, without her looking tired and sweaty.

This shoot was so much more than just playing dress up.  It was an opportunity for a mother to reinforce to her daughter that no matter your size or ability – you can be a superhero to yourself and others – if only you believe.

Model: Jacqueline Biollo @teambiollo

Photographer: Madison Biollo @bluenailnegatives