Artistic Vigilante – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for.

Mariah – My name is Mariah Deanna Tyes, and I have been shooting (photography) since the age of 10


Artistic vigilante – Your photography seems to be tilted at women of colour and nudity, can you talk a bit about this and what your inspirations are?

Mariah – I focus a lot of my art on the celebration of not only women, but women of color. My ultimate inspirations are a variety, from Frida Kahlo and her freedom of being to the late/ great Nina Simone. Both very different backgrounds of women with a similar message, self expression and femininity (girl power)!

Artistic vigilante – Your clients and models seem pretty comfortable when shooting nude with you, how do you get them relaxed?

Mariah – I consider myself extremely lucky to have earned the respect and trust of my clients to capture them in their most pure and vulnerable state, nude. There is nothing I appreciate more than someone being unapologetic-ally themselves.

Artistic vigilante – How did you get your current client base?

Mariah –  When I started my business, Retrospectyes Photography, it was very hard for me to find clients willing to work with me and also match my aesthetic. After much trial and error and consulting with a poet friend of mine, I dribbled across the best idea of creating personal projects. This consisted of setting up my camera timer to capture myself in a concept and writing a poem to go along with it. It was very much loved and sprouted my seed of clientele.

Artistic vigilante – What are your future plans for yourself and photography?

Mariah –  My future plans for myself and my art are to retire from the US Army, complete my Bachelors in Fine Arts, and open a photography studio/ gallery for other artists to rent out and create or showcase their work!

Artistic vigilante – Thank you for taking out time with us.

Mariah – Thank you so much for your patience and your support!