Artistic Vigilante – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for?

Fabian – My name is Fabian Mihai Tatomirescu and I have been working as a photographer for most of my life.
I started at 16 years, back in 2005 and I have been practicing photography
in one form or another ever since.

Artistic Vigilante -What  inspires your style of photography

Fabian – It’s really hard to describe exactly what inspires me but what i do tend to do is bring a very cinematic approach in my photos.
I draw a lot from well shot and composed movies.

Artistic Vigilante – How much is it for a photo session with you?

Fabian – This is a tricky and complicated question because it really depends on the project. With regards to the pricing I have to factor in
variables such as hours of work on the set, equipment used, catering,
assistants (if any), number of final retouched shots, copyrights and so on
and so forth.
I have had photo shoots that cost 500 euros, some that cost 1500 and some
that cost 5000.

Artistic Vigilante – What is your preferred gear for shooting?

Fabian – I love Canon. I started experimenting with photography when the first
pocket cameras came out. I still remember my Canon Powershot 4A with 2.4
megapixels 🙂
and sort of work my way up from there to the 350D, 7D and now the 5D mark
III. I like the 50mm as well as the 85 mm, especially in landscape mode,
but i would have to say
that my favorite lens is the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II because of it’s
versatility and also because i almost never shoot in natural light. You can
find me working mostly in the studio
or on location with my camera and my elinchrom lights.

Artistic Vigilante – Do you ever get tired of photographing? What keeps you constantly focused
and grounded?

Fabian – I often get tired of photography, and when I do, I turn to retouching and
vice versa and as far as remaining grounded, I guess my family plays a big
part in that.

Artistic Vigilante – What would you say sets you apart from any other photographer out there?

Fabian – I like very clear and simple composition and I rather enjoy a very classic
aesthetic infused with some pop-ish elements.

Artistic Vigilante – Are there any challenges shooting in Romania and how have you been able to
overcome them?

Fabian – Not any more than there are in Germany, Italy or the USA. Work hard and
play hard 🙂 The latter one doesn’t really apply in my case because i’m a
bit of a loner.
I like to shoot something almost every week, whether it’s a job or a
personal project, i just keep shooting.

Artistic Vigilante – Thank you for spending time with us.