During my first few years in college and after graduation I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I was in fashion and who I wanted to be, it’s really a tough crowd if your not using social media to post every inch of what your doing it’s as if your not an IT factor . Of course for me i fell in love with design first but styling photo shoots and creating visual aids turned out to be a bigger hit for me as far as inspirational levels go.

I had a huge opportunity with an internship with seventeen magazine and I was blessed with the opportunity that exercise my styling abilities to the max.

A few years had gone by and It just hit me one day , I was at my aunts house in LA and I remember telling them I love to swim I love the pool I wish I can make my ideas of fashion all about swimwear. It’s crazy because they helped me come up with ideas and prints even my very first business cards .

I had my first real fashion show with an exaggeration of a circus theme where I designed these beautiful bold burlesque jackets to match with high waisted swimsuit bottoms that looked like lingerie and bandeaus. At that moment I knew my inspiration came from a solid childhood memory where as I spent most of time in the pool with my aunt and cousins ,we literally lived In my grandmothers pool and I knew I had to bring the swim lady to life which is the definition of Eau’Femme in French. Eau is water and Femme is lady in French.


The Wild Tingz Launch was something that came from me wanting to express my wild and sensual side of the common thought of swimwear. I felt like why not make it irresistible, let’s definitely go with abstract animal prints wild colors.

I wanted to step away from my regular beach shoots and serve something different so far this is def my favorite launch I was able to see everything I wanted come to life and style everything as I felt it should be presented . I took away a lot of fears and went a little crazy lol