ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting?

Fabiana Casco – My name is Fabiana Casco. I have been a photographer for more than 5 years. Since I was little I liked to create, paint and design. I studied Clothing Design and since 2001 I currently have my own fashion boutique. Being a photographer happened later. I discovered that photography fascinates me. I understood that creating and producing images is easy for me. I did several courses but I learned a lot more about art direction, lights, poses and composition practicing in my own studio. Photography changes the way I see things and connect with the world. With her I feel that I can make possible dreams, let them speak for me, expressing my screams and my silences. I love making portraits to children, babies, models and people, even objects. With them I feel free to create stories and characters.

I really enjoy the creative process of my work. I personally take care of everything, committing myself to each stage: the idea, the production, the setting of scenes, the taking and editing. In my images Fine arts, representations of concepts, music, books, etc., with a timeless aesthetic with pictorial touches. And in fashion, news and film, sometimes using film lights and creating sets. Always telling stories.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What inspires your style of photography?

Fabiana Casco – I am very inspired by art, Renaissance painters, how to use light and shadows to create unique climates. I am inspired by nature, the light of dawn or sunset in my favorite times to shoot. I also find inspiration in the people who photograph, their gestures, the expression of their gaze, I love the moment in which people relax and let their movements flow to be themselves or to get into the character they are representing. The situations of life, the experience and especially the feelings.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How much does a photo shoot with you cost?

Fabiana Casco – The cost depends on what style I am going to photograph. Here in South America, due to the economic crisis, Fashion, Fine Arts, Children. From $ 6000 to $ 50000 Argentine pesos.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your preferred gear to shoot with?

Fabiana Casco – Use a Nikon Full frame camera with 85 and 105 macro lenses depending on the type of session. I also like to use wide angle 24 and 35mm.

Use of natural light, studio flashes and movie lights.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Do you ever get tired of photographing? What keeps you constantly focused and grounded?

Fabiana Casco – Shooting is what keeps me motivated. Each shot is a challenge and there is always a lake to improve. When I work for clients I am more connected to reality. For my personal works I let my imagination fly.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What would you say that distinguishes you from any other photographer?

Fabiana Casco – I think it can be my versatility to produce images in different areas. In fashion I am modern. In Fine Arts I am romantic and pictorial. Very versatile for photographing children. And I can also mix all this to get unique images.

Thank you for sitting with us and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.