ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How many years have you been in photography and what are your sources of inspiration?

 Adrienne – I’ve had a passion and interest in photography for over a decade.  About 7 years ago I started working part time mostly doing mini family shoots.  I actually gave up for years because I was not making enough to sustain myself financially.  I missed it very badly however,over the 2 years I started educating myself,doing multiple tutorials online and exploring many different styles of photography and digital art which lead me to relaunch my career in hopes of making it a full time job.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – You seem to do a lot of portrait photography is there any reason why you are drawn to this genre?

Adrienne – I focus mainly on portraiture, It’s where I feel I do my best work.  I have spent over 20 years in the beauty industry and feel I have a strong ability to capture people at their truest and most beautiful.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What would you say are the advantages of being a female photographer in Canada specifically in British Columbia?

Adrienne – In terms of advantages of being a female photographer in British Columbia, I don’t know that there are a lot of them , however some women may feel a little more at ease because I am a woman myself. I’m pretty down to earth and try my very best to ensure their comfort and confidence to the best of my ability.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How do your balance your photography life with your family life?

Adrienne – Balancing family life and photography is perhaps my biggest challenge. I have a toddler and a teen and it can be tricky.  Most recently I have built a home studio and office in my garage as to allow me to work in the evening with less distraction.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Could you please explain in detail your flow of editing using ‘The Anchor’ as a case study?

Adrienne – The Anchor was one of my most challenging projects.  It was actually a collaboration between my own ideas and that of a model that came over from the mainland to have me photograph her.  Underwater was the main idea.  I googled a lot, and looked at many many other talented photographers work.
The photo itself was a composite of many images.  She was actually on a ladder in my garage in this photo. Spent hours, days in fact manipulating it in Photoshop until I came up with the final image.  To this day, it is one of my favorite images of all time.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Kindly explain to us your preferred gear for shooting and why.

Adrienne – Hands down my newest and favourite piece of equipment is my Nikon Z7. However it is brand new.  I started years ago with a d90, and then to a Nikon D800.  I have slowly added to my equipment and I’m pretty selective on what
I invest in.  At the end of the day I don’t think I need much in the way of gear. Just a camera, a passion for my craft and imagination.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – In 5years time where do you see your photography and how do you intend to get to that level?

Adrienne – In 5 years time…. hmmm.  My goal is to be Full Time Accredited Photographer. I am still only working part time at the moment as I have another career in the beauty industry.  I’d absolutely love to branch out into the world of commercial photography.  I’d love to meet and maybe work alongside and learn from some of my mentors like Sue Bryce, Brooke Shaden, Joel Grimes, Lara Jade, India Earl and Renee Robyn… that’s a huge dream of mine I’d love to see come to fruition.

Thank you for sitting with artistic vigilante magazine

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