ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for?

MARINA – My name is Marina Knysh. I’m a photographer from Russia. I started taking up photography in 2011 as an Amateur photographer. Since 2016, I have taken photography seriously. IT would be four years.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – One thing about your images is that the costumes are so beautiful and detailed, can you talk a bit about your process when it comes to styling your photo shoots?

MARINA – I create complex costumes for shooting, not myself, but the designer creates them . I have a team with which we think through the entire image from and to, stipulate all the details and details. We exchange pictures about how we see the image.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is it like being a female photographer in Russia?

MARINA – I can say that there are a lot of photographers, including women . Accordingly, there is a lot of competition among photographers and it is also difficult to surprise the viewer now. I try to stand out , bring something of my own.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Do you only shoot women? Most of your work revolves around them

MARINA – Basically, yes, I only shoot girls. But this year I want to shoot a thematic men’s shoot. We need to develop and try new things . Men don’t like to be photographed.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – We noticed you do a lot of outdoor fashion photography, sometimes in the woods, sometimes in snow, can you talk about your style with the outdoors and do you think you will ever do studio shoots as much as you do outdoors?

MARINA – Most of all, I like to shoot in nature because of its wide borders, richness of choice, more airiness and atmosphere. And the Studio limits the shooting time, besides they are paid. You need to shoot quickly and clearly, you need to already know what shots you want to get. I make small sketches in a notebook on posing and ideas. But it happens that the shots I want to make are already in my head. I reserve a Studio for 2 hours for my creative shootings, and you can shoot all 3-4 hours or more in nature to achieve the most beautiful shots from the right angle.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How did you get into photography and are you a full time photographer? If not what are your other professions?

MARINA – I am not a full -time photographer. At the moment, I have a main job. By profession, I am a computer scientist-economist, as a project administrator. But in the near future I plan to do only photography.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – inspires you to shoot the kind of images you shoot?

MARINA – I draw inspiration from everywhere. This may be clothing, accessories, a fairy-tale character, but interpreted in my vision, or it is some mythical creatures taken from books. Every day I look at a lot of images that push me to new ideas, as well as visions of color in the photo.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Who are some of your favourite photographers and how do you get inspiration from them for your own works

MARINA – My inspiration and idol is still in my heart the photographer Anna GIS, from whom I was lucky enough to learn many things and secrets in photography. Having inspired me with the purity and depth of color in the photo , lightness and airiness, like a photo, comes to life and turns from ordinary to magical! I also want to mention the works of the famous fantasy photographer Margarita Kareva, who is inspired by her creative ideas.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – You have an amazing picture of a model with a grizzly bear, tell us about the process of creating that image and what your editing process was like.

MARINA – Before I sit down to process photos, I ask myself the question: What do I want to get on the output, what colors? And only after that I start processing. Early photography takes you through basic color correction in the program Lightroom. Then all the magic happens in Photoshop. At the beginning, I remove the debris in the frame: protruding branches, uneven snow, add details if necessary. I apply texture overlay: snowdrifts, special effects on photos: snow, sun glow. Then I set the overall color of the photo and skin tone in the plugins. Then I work on the main characters: I can work with plastic, if necessary. Make the model’s neck and pronounced cheekbones more elegant, correct the bear’s ears or fur. Working with skin. At the end, I further adjust the colors and shades for overall harmony in the photo. Image detail.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Do you only shoot women?

MARINA – To date, Yes. But I want to try to shoot a stylized male shoot.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How much do you make from photography and what does it cost to shoot with you?

MARINA – My main income comes from my main job in the office, which limits my time. Now for me, this is creativity with something more . In my experience, I can say that you need to shoot a lot.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Are you looking to be known on a global level or is Russia fine for you and what are the things you are putting in place to make sure your works are seen and recognized on a larger platform?

MARINA – Yes, of course, Russia is not the limit. If possible, I try to take part in competitions. I publish in foreign magazines, of which my work is already on two magazine covers, and I give interviews. I really want to organize my own photo exhibition, but there is no organizer yet. I am very happy that my art attracts people , and I am grateful to Artistic Vigilante for the opportunity to share my art with its readers!

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What are the things you will tell anyone who wants to go into photography and be like you?

MARINA – Dream, set goals, and take small steps toward your goal every day! Do not be afraid! And do not forget that the process, not the result, is your life, which will please you with your result and be happy every moment. You should enjoy the process of filming , it should not turn into a chore when you do it not even for money.

MARINA – My sincere advice to all who are in search of themselves or are afraid to start-listen to yourself, do not give up and you will succeed!

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Where can models and people who want to work with you reach you on?

MARINA – You can contact me in social networks: Vkontakte ( and instagram (knysh_ph) by writing me a letter. You can also send me an email

Thank you for publishing with artistic vigilante. We do hope you publish all your new projects with us in the future.