ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for?

NOEL – My name is Noel Puebla and I’ve been shooting for around 15 years.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Are you a full time photographer?

NOEL – No, I’m also a photography teacher.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE -Your images are always vibrant and tell a story of some sort, what inspired your unique style of taking photographs?

NOEL – Films, books and paintings are the source of my inspiration.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Let us talk about your lighting, you use a lot of colored gels and somehow they look like natural lighting, how do you do this? Talk us through your lighting process.

NOEL – I really love colour, so I use it in every possible way:on the set, the styling and of course the lights. That’s why I like to study the behavior of light in environments and in everyday life. I like to reproduce neon lights and street lights at night because they create an intrigue and mystery mood.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Most of your photographs look like a scene right out of a movie, speak to us about this unique technique of yours.

NOEL – I consider myself a story teller, so I try to work with series of images that can develop a narrative and tell a story, and as I told you before, my great inspiration is cinema that is why for some years I have been trying to use technical resources such as lighting, composition and color grading to give my images a cinematic mood. I really like analyzing films, getting to know the behind-the-scenes and the work that directors of photography do on the set. That helps me in the development of my projects. I like cinema so much that sometimes I even put subtitles on the pictures to make them look like film frames! 🙂

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What are the advantages of being a female photographer in Argentina?

NOEL – The photographic and artistic business in general is complex in Latin America, but I feel very grateful to be able to work on what I am passionate about and I think that in the last few years the role of women in photography and the media world has grown a lot and I am very proud of that!

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Your images are mostly women, is this a deliberate subject?

NOEL –No, I really like to photograph people, no matter the genre. I think the fact that there are more women in my portfolio is just a coincidence.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What does it cost to book you currently?

NOEL – Oh my fee varies a lot depending on the type of work. It’s different to do a personal photoshoot than a fashion campaign. The best thing is to write to me directly and tell me about the project.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What should we expect from you in the future?

NOEL – I’m a pretty lively person, so I’m constantly planning new projects. This year I hope to be able to continue working on several fashion editorials, design more sets and film some short films. I will also continue offering photography and lighting workshops(some are even online, so you can take them from anywhere in the world!)

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Any final words for photographers looking to follow in your footsteps?

NOEL – Never stop training, do what you love and don’t stop creating constantly: inspiration is everywhere!