ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for?

BRUCE – My full name is Bruce Anthony Jenkins, I first picked up a camera 30 or so years ago taking pictures at the local car Drag races but ended up putting the camera down for 25 years. I picked it back up about 5 years ago.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE -What country are you in and what are the challenges you face shooting there?

BRUCE– I’m in the United States, California Bay Area to be more specific.
I think for me the challenges are time to shoot and suitable locations.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE -Your works portray mostly nude art and boudoir, can you tell us how you got into this line and what inspires you?

BRUCE – I was invited to an event put on by some people I followed on social media, I didn’t know anyone personally, all I knew was there were going to be a group of friends hanging out taking pictures. At some point during the day the women disrobed. At first I was wondering what was happening but then started pairing off with different people taking shots around the property.

My images have seemed to gravitate towards Artistic Nudes and Boudoir but I am more inspired by surrealistic images and darker themed photography ie: Brook Shaden and Miss Aniela

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE -Talk to us a bit about the photoshoot you did with snakes,what was that like and what did you intend to achieve?

BRUCE – The Snake shoot came about through a friend and fantastic bay area photographer Daniel Chase. He set up a workshop and invited a local model and friend of his Sativa_Grace plus a traveling model from Australia Poetic.minx. The Snake is a 13′ Burmese Python, she brought 2 snakes and the shoot almost didn’t happen due to the snakes starting to shed and were a little agitated at first. Things came together and we got some fantastic images.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE -How do you source for models to birth the ideas that you have?

BRUCE – My first model was off Craigslist then I discovered Model Mayhem which is hit and miss. Mostly they are suggested by friends or Social media. While I do have ideas for shoots I always ask what they would like to do as well. These people are talented artists and I dont feel that they always get to try their ideas.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE -Is photography a full time job and how do you charge?

BRUCE – Photography is not my full time job however I am always trying to better what I do be it learn better lighting setups or post processing.
If I am shooting to sell images I pay the model, if she or he has contacted me to shot for their project we would discuss my fee.
I also pay a traveling model if I want to work with them.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What are the things you are putting in place to make sure you get noticed as a photographer?

BRUCE – Honestly I haven’t done much other then post to social media, I have been published in other magazines in the past most of my reach is Instagram or Vero.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Any advice for young photographers that want to go into nude art?

BRUCE – As with any genre do research, being unknown makes it hard for a model. It can be frustrating at first when your plans fall apart for a shoot. My suggestion is shoot for fun and take all kinds of images that you like.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Where can we people contact you if they need to book a session?

BRUCE – They can email me here, BJenkinsphotography on Instagram, Bruce Jenkins on Vero or on #3084354

Artisticvigilante – Thank you for sharing with us we look forward to seeing more work from you and your constant evolution as a photographer.