Good day ”The Vigilante Photography” , thank you for sitting with us and taking time to talk about your art, lets get right into it..

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – The vigilante is quite a unique name for your photography brand. Can you share with us how you came about it?

The vigilante photographer
Before photography I also was a cosplayer and all had Vigilante characters and that’s why my name was The Vigilante Cosplay, afterwards I went in to photography and because I don’t keep myself to the rules of photography I decided to keep the name and just change the cosplay part to photography

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How did you get into photography? How long have you been photographing for?

The vigilante photographer From being in front of the lens myself in cosplay and directing the scene to create a story on picture I got the passion to start photography myself and It’s been 3 years ago that I first came in contact with a

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What inspires your style of photography?

The vigilante photographer- Movies, fantasy, the stories behind it to create the picture.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – What would you say makes your work unique compared to other photographers in your niche?

The vigilante photographer The experience I have from cosplay and the knowledge from the characters to make them stand out in the scenery.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Does photographing cosplay earn you money as a photographer and do you have any other niches?

The vigilante photographer Yes I earn money with cosplay photography and I also do fantasy and Cinematic photography, My slogan for this is : Photography that brings your fantasy to life.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – We noticed that you use your wife as a muse/model for some of your shoots. That’s a very beautiful thing. Can you share with us how you started working with her on your projects?

The vigilante photographer I started working with her because she was interested in my passion. So I taught her how to pose, stand, and create with me. Very handy if I wanna work out projects of my own 🙂

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Can you work us through what is in your equipment bag?

The vigilante photographer I currently have a Canon 6d mark II with a 35,50 and a 85 mm lens from canon.
I have recently buy a 70-200mm 2.8 from Sigma for outdoor fantasy shoots to really create that depth of
field look. For lights I use speed lights with gridded soft boxes.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – How are you trying to push your art to a larger audience than what you have currently?

The vigilante photographer With my cinematic photography I am starting to work for company’s that wants a unique view on there
brand and/or concept

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Do you have any side business aside your photography? If yes, how do you combine both?

The vigilante photographer I am a production manager aside. And how I combine it … Planning , Planning and Planning
I am very organized and structure is a priority for me.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE – Where can interested clients, fans of your work and models reach you?

The vigilante Most of my work you can view on my instagram ,through there you can also contact me or have the links to my website and others.