Bruce Anthony Jenkins: A Voyage into Artistic Photography

Explore the world of Bruce Anthony Jenkins, a passionate photographer based in the California Bay Area, as he shares insights into his artistic journey, challenges faced, and his unique approach to capturing stunning images, particularly in the realm of nude art and boudoir photography. Discover what inspires him and how he brings his creative visions to life.

Artistic Vigilante (AV): What is your full name and how long have you been shooting for?

Bruce (B): I’m Bruce Anthony Jenkins, and I’ve been capturing images for over three decades. I initially began my photography journey by taking pictures at local car drag races about 30 years ago. However, I set the camera aside for a quarter of a century before rekindling my passion about five years ago.

AV: What country are you in, and what are the challenges you face shooting there?

B: I’m currently based in the United States, specifically in the California Bay Area. Here, my primary challenges revolve around finding the time to shoot and discovering suitable locations that align with my creative vision.

AV: Your works predominantly feature nude art and boudoir. Can you share how you ventured into this genre and what inspires your work?

B: My journey into nude art and boudoir photography began unexpectedly when I attended an event organized by social media acquaintances. This event led to an exploration of these genres, as I paired off with fellow photographers and models. While I am inspired by surrealistic and darker-themed photography, my work has naturally gravitated toward artistic nudes and boudoir. Artists like Brook Shaden and Miss Aniela have been significant inspirations for me.

AV: Tell us about the photoshoot you did with snakes. What was the experience like, and what did you intend to achieve?

B: The Snake photoshoot was a unique experience facilitated by photographer Daniel Chase. We worked with a local model and a model from Australia, accompanied by a 13′ Burmese Python. Despite initial challenges with the snakes being agitated, we successfully captured some fantastic images, achieving a blend of beauty and danger.

AV: How do you source models to bring your creative ideas to life?

B: My journey started with a model I found on Craigslist, but I later discovered Model Mayhem. Most often, models are suggested by friends or discovered through social media. While I have my own ideas for shoots, I always prioritize collaboration and ask models about their creative preferences. I believe in giving them the opportunity to express their artistic visions.

AV: Is photography your full-time profession, and how do you determine your pricing?

B: While photography isn’t my full-time profession, I continuously strive to improve my skills, whether it’s through mastering lighting setups or enhancing post-processing techniques. When I shoot for selling images, I pay the models. If a model approaches me for their project, we discuss my fee accordingly. Additionally, I compensate traveling models when collaborating with them.

AV: What strategies have you employed to gain recognition as a photographer?

B: To date, I’ve primarily utilized social media platforms, with Instagram and Vero being my primary outlets. I’ve also been fortunate to have my work published in other magazines. However, I am continually exploring avenues to expand my reach and recognition.

AV: Any advice for young photographers interested in pursuing nude art photography?

B: My advice is universal for any genre: conduct thorough research. Being an unknown photographer can be challenging for models, and initial shoot plans may not always go as intended. Start by shooting for fun, experimenting with various styles, and capturing images that genuinely resonate with you.

AV: Where can people contact you to book a photography session?

B: To schedule a session or reach out for inquiries, you can email me at You can also find me on Instagram as BJenkinsphotography, on Vero as Bruce Jenkins, or on under the profile #3084354.

Conclusion: Thank you for joining us on this captivating journey through the lens of Bruce Anthony Jenkins. We eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued growth as a photographer and the remarkable artistry he will share with the world. Stay tuned for more of his inspiring work, as he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression through photography.

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