Noel Puebla: Illuminating Photography Through Cinematic Artistry

Delve into the world of Noel Puebla, a multifaceted photographer and educator, as she shares her insights on photography, her unique style, and the influences that drive her creative process. Learn how Noel crafts her vibrant, cinematic images and her dedication to storytelling through photography.

Artistic Vigilante (AV): What is your full name, and how long have you been shooting for?

Noel (NOEL): My name is Noel Puebla, and I’ve been immersed in the world of photography for approximately 15 years.

AV: Are you a full-time photographer?

NOEL: No, I also work as a photography teacher, sharing my knowledge and passion with others.

AV: Your images are always vibrant and tell a story of some sort. What inspired your unique style of taking photographs?

NOEL: Films, books, and paintings serve as the wellspring of my inspiration. These art forms infuse my work with vibrant colors and narratives.

AV: Let’s talk about your lighting. You use a lot of colored gels, and somehow, they look like natural lighting. Can you walk us through your lighting process?

NOEL: I have a profound love for color, which I incorporate into every aspect of my work, from set design to styling and, of course, lighting. I study how light behaves in different environments and in daily life. Replicating the allure of neon lights and streetlights at night, I aim to create an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery.

AV: Your photographs often resemble scenes from movies. Can you share more about this unique technique?

NOEL: I consider myself a storyteller, and I craft series of images that unfold narratives. My deep-seated inspiration comes from cinema, and I employ technical resources such as lighting, composition, and color grading to infuse my images with cinematic vibes. I closely analyze films, gaining insights into behind-the-scenes processes and the work of cinematographers. This knowledge informs and enhances my projects. My love for cinema is so profound that I sometimes add subtitles to my pictures to make them resemble film frames!

AV: What are the advantages of being a female photographer in Argentina?

NOEL: The photography and artistic industries in Latin America can be complex, but I’m grateful to pursue my passion. Over the past few years, the role of women in photography and the media has grown significantly, and I take pride in that progress.

AV: Your portfolio primarily features women. Is this a deliberate choice?

NOEL: No, my focus is on photographing people, regardless of gender. The preponderance of women in my portfolio is purely coincidental.

AV: What is the current cost to book your services?

NOEL: My fees vary significantly depending on the type of project. Whether it’s a personal photoshoot or a fashion campaign, it’s best to reach out to me directly and discuss the details of the project.

AV: What should we expect from you in the future?

NOEL: I’m a dynamic person, and I’m continually planning new projects. In the coming year, I hope to work on several fashion editorials, design more elaborate sets, and produce short films. Additionally, I’ll continue offering photography and lighting workshops, including online options accessible from anywhere in the world!

AV: Any final words for photographers aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

NOEL: Never stop learning, pursue your passion, and keep creating ceaselessly. Inspiration can be found everywhere you look!

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