Exploring the Artistry of Felix Abrudan: An Exclusive Interview

In the world of photography, where each artist possesses a unique vision and style, Felix Abrudan, also known as ImagoGestalter, stands out as an artistic vigilante. With nearly a decade of experience behind the lens, Felix takes us on a journey through his captivating world of boudoir and nude art photography, discussing his distinctive approach and the creative inspirations that shape his work.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Felix, could you share your full name and tell us about your journey in photography?

FELIX: I’m Felix Abrudan, but in the realm of artistry, I go by ImagoGestalter. My photographic odyssey began approximately a decade ago, evolving from a personal exploration into a lifelong vocation. It all started in an art and crafts vocational school, where my love for photography was ignited, despite my initial reservations.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Your style in boudoir and nude art photography is distinctive. Can you elaborate on this unique approach?

FELIX: Absolutely. My style is inherently theatrical, especially in the realm of glamour and nudes. My objective is to portray women as powerful beings in control of their surroundings. I strive to create narrative-rich images that elicit emotions and moods through a carefully constructed visual language. Rather than capturing models against plain backdrops, I immerse them in simulated real-life experiences.

I believe that objectivity in photography is illusory. We craft fantasies, and the closer we come to replicating authentic scenarios, the deeper our connection with the audience. I want viewers to feel like they are peeking into the daily lives of extravagantly fabulous individuals, immersed in their private paradises.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: How do you ensure that your models feel comfortable posing nude?

FELIX: Building comfort is pivotal, and it aligns with my stylistic approach. Before a shoot, I communicate a storyline to my models, allowing them to emotionally prepare for the mood I want to convey. Every woman has a desire to explore sensuality in her own way, and I provide a secure and exhilarating environment for this exploration. I’m always open to suggestions on set, especially during nude shoots. Listening to a model’s signals and allowing them to take charge fosters not only collaboration but also the authentic capture of powerful feminine emotions.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Can you share insights into your editing process, using the “vika wearing mithril” photo as an example?

FELIX: My editing style is characterized by intensity, whether in color, contrast, or both. I enhance this intensity in specific areas of an image. When working on glamour photos, I create deep, hard shadows contrasted with vibrant, saturated colors. These stark transitions between darkness and rich color infuse images with dynamism and vitality. Noise, if present, only intensifies the rugged intensity of the mood.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Could you provide some information on the pricing of a Felix photoshoot?

FELIX: Pricing varies based on the project’s scope and requirements. Numerous factors come into play, such as planning, location scouting, and logistics. While I prefer to handle these aspects myself, the final cost depends on the specific project’s details.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: You mentioned that you shoot outdoors less frequently. Can you explain why that is?

FELIX: I actually aim to shoot outdoors as often as possible. It offers an array of creative possibilities and storytelling options. However, in Austria, shooting outdoors, particularly for glamour or nude editorials, involves navigating a complex permit process, which can be challenging for a solo photographer.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Who and what inspires your work, and do you have any favorite photographers?

FELIX: My inspiration often stems from everyday observations and experiences. I maintain a diary where I record impressions and emotional reactions to various stimuli, such as scenes on the street, people on social media, passages from literature, or unique lighting situations. I convey moods through my photography, and the source of these moods plays a crucial role in my images.

As for favorite visual artists, I draw inspiration from a diverse range of painters and photographers, including Lindsay Adler, Caravaggio, Helmut Newton, and many others.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Where do you see yourself in five years?

FELIX: In the next five years, I envision directing the photographic creative process for a renowned haute-couture house like Dior. However, I’m open to exploring opportunities with other iconic brands in the fashion industry.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Any words of wisdom for aspiring photographers who admire your work?

FELIX: I would advise against trying to become a carbon copy of me. Instead, analyze the visual and technical elements in my work that resonate with you and incorporate them into your own creative vision. Emulation may lead to disappointment; your images should uniquely tell your story.

In conclusion, Felix Abrudan, the artistic vigilante behind ImagoGestalter, offers us a glimpse into his enchanting world of photography. With a distinct style and a commitment to storytelling, he continues to captivate audiences and inspire fellow artists. Thank you for sharing your journey with Artistic Vigilante.

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