Marina Knysh: Illuminating Photography’s Enchanted Realm

In the enchanting world of photography, Marina Knysh, hailing from Russia, stands as a remarkable artist. Known for her intricate costume designs and captivating outdoor fashion photography, Marina shares her creative journey, inspirations, and ambitions in an exclusive interview with Artistic Vigilante.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Marina, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your journey in photography?

MARINA: My name is Marina Knysh, and I’m a photographer from Russia. My photographic journey began in 2011 as an amateur enthusiast. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that I truly committed to photography, making it a serious pursuit. So, it’s been about four years since I embarked on this creative path.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Your images often feature elaborate and detailed costumes. Can you share your process for styling your photo shoots?

MARINA: I collaborate with designers to create intricate costumes for my shoots. It’s a team effort where we meticulously plan every aspect of the image, discussing and exchanging ideas. From the concept to the smallest details, we work together to bring the vision to life.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: What’s it like being a female photographer in Russia?

MARINA: There are many photographers in Russia, including women, which means there’s substantial competition. It can be challenging to stand out and surprise viewers. I strive to bring my unique perspective and creativity to each project.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Your portfolio primarily focuses on women. Do you exclusively shoot female subjects?

MARINA: Yes, for the most part, I photograph women. However, this year, I’m considering thematic shoots involving men. It’s essential to keep evolving and exploring new avenues in photography, even if men are generally less enthusiastic about being photographed.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Your outdoor fashion photography, whether in the woods or snow, is striking. Could you share your approach to shooting outdoors and your thoughts on studio shoots?

MARINA: I’m particularly drawn to shooting in natural settings due to the freedom it offers in terms of choice and atmosphere. Studios have limitations, including time constraints and costs. In a studio, you need to work quickly and efficiently. I plan meticulously for studio shoots, even sketching out poses and ideas. However, outdoor shoots provide more time to capture the perfect shots from different angles.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: How did you get into photography, and are you a full-time photographer?

MARINA: Currently, I’m not a full-time photographer. I hold a primary job as a computer scientist-economist, working as a project administrator. Nevertheless, my goal is to transition to photography exclusively in the near future.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: What inspires your captivating images?

MARINA: Inspiration comes from everywhere – clothing, accessories, fairy-tale characters, or mythical creatures from books. Each day, I explore numerous images that spark new ideas and influence my color vision.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Who are some of your favorite photographers, and how do they inspire your work?

MARINA: I draw inspiration from the works of Anna GIS, a photographer who has taught me many valuable insights about photography. Her mastery of color, lightness, and airiness have greatly influenced my work. Additionally, I find creative ideas in the works of the renowned fantasy photographer Margarita Kareva.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Your photograph featuring a model with a grizzly bear is extraordinary. Could you describe the process of creating that image and your editing techniques?

MARINA: Before I start editing photos, I define the desired output, including color tones and effects. The initial steps involve basic color correction in Lightroom. Subsequently, in Photoshop, I remove unwanted elements, like protruding branches or uneven snow. I add textures and special effects like snow or sun glow. The overall color and skin tone are adjusted using plugins. I refine details, work on characters’ features, and ensure overall color harmony for the image’s final impact.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Do you exclusively photograph women?

MARINA: Currently, yes, but I’m open to exploring stylized male photography in the future.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: What are your earnings from photography, and what are your rates for shoots?

MARINA: While photography is a passion, my primary income is from my office job, which limits my time. From my experience, I’ve learned that consistency is crucial, and shooting frequently is essential to progress in photography.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Are you aiming for global recognition, and what steps are you taking to ensure your work reaches a broader audience?

MARINA: Absolutely, Russia is just a starting point. I actively participate in competitions, publish in foreign magazines, and grant interviews. I aspire to organize my own photography exhibition in the future. I’m grateful that my art resonates with people, and platforms like Artistic Vigilante provide opportunities to share my work.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: What advice do you have for aspiring photographers who want to follow in your footsteps?

MARINA: Dream big, set clear goals, and take small steps toward them every day. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. Remember that the process is as important as the result; enjoy every moment of your photography journey. It should never become a chore.

MARINA: To those seeking their creative path or hesitant to start, listen to your inner voice, persevere, and success will follow.

ARTISTIC VIGILANTE: Where can models and individuals interested in working with you reach out to you?

MARINA: You can contact me on social networks: Vkontakte ( and Instagram (knysh_ph) by sending me a message. You can also reach me via email at

Thank you for sharing your insights with Artistic Vigilante. We look forward to featuring your upcoming projects!

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