Submission Guidelines

Dear Creative Photographers, Fashion Designers, and Artists,

Welcome to the Artistic Vigilante platform, where your creative works can shine. Join our rapidly expanding audience of over 40,000 individuals and counting. We provide a diverse range of platforms for showcasing your talents, including Instagram, website features, digital magazines, and print-on-demand publications.

Our themes encompass a wide array of creative expressions, including fashion photography, beauty and portrait photography, artistic nudity, fashion films, and artworks. Please note that we exclusively feature works that align with our thematic focus.

Kindly refrain from submitting your works via email. Instead, use our dedicated submission process outlined below:

Instagram Feature

  • Submit a body of work comprising up to 9 images or choose your best pieces that represent you as an artist.
  • We will feature your work on our Instagram platform for an entire week.

Instagram & Website Features (Editorials)

  • If you possess a substantial body of artistic work (a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 pieces), please send us a message for approval to our Editor at
  • If your work aligns with our vision, we will direct you to submit a link to your images and proceed with payments.
  • For an immediate response, send a direct message (DM) to our Instagram handle.


  • If you wish to have an interview feature that explores your artistic brand and individual journey alongside a selection of your creative works, please contact us at

Digital Magazine Feature

  • To gain visibility across all our platforms, including Instagram, our website, and our digital and print-on-demand magazine, consider this comprehensive option.


  • Our submission fees support Artistic Vigilante’s continuous commitment to promoting artists globally and maintaining daily operational costs.
  • Instagram Feature: 10 Euros
  • Editorial and Interviews: 20 Euros
  • Magazine Feature (Complete Publishing Package): 45 Euros

To submit your work,email the Editor

Thank you for choosing Artistic Vigilante as a platform for your creative expression. We look forward to showcasing your talent to our ever-growing audience.

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